AI-based cloud ERP program

Introducing Manaliza ERP - your cloud-based solution to streamlined business processes! Our comprehensive ERP module is equipped with cutting-edge features including a Personnel module for HR management, an MRP module for manufacturing resource planning, a sophisticated Reporting module for real-time insights, a POS module for sales, and an E-commerce module for online business. Leverage Manaliza ERP to integrate your operations and elevate efficiency across the board.

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Simplified User Interface

This AI-based cloud ERP program features a user-friendly interface for managing stock sales. It enables stores to easily identify employees and customize settings, streamlining the sales process. The intuitive design ensures efficient stock management, tailored to the specific needs of each business.


Instant Reporting

You can instantly control all your stores with various reports including sales, product, staff, cost, and balance sheet reports, among more than 20 different types.

Comprehensive ERP Integration

Integrate all aspects of your business with our ERP system. Easily manage your stores, employees, products, costs, and raw material management through a single platform. With this system, you can define your business processes in minutes and enhance your efficiency through effective management.


Seamless Module Integration in Our ERP Solution

With our ERP software, transitioning between modules such as 'CHECKOUT,' 'PERSONNEL,' 'REPORT,' 'DEFINITION,' 'ANALYSIS,' and 'MATERIAL PLANNING' is effortlessly fluid. Designed with interconnectivity at its core, our interface ensures that users can navigate through different functionalities with minimal clicks, supporting a more productive and streamlined workflow. This seamless integration not only saves time but also enhances the user experience, allowing for a more intuitive interaction with the software's comprehensive features.

Advanced AI Forecasting in Our Comprehensive ERP Suite

Our ERP system harnesses bespoke AI to not only forecast budgets and stocks but also to enhance sales processes. It scrutinizes past trends to predict future demands, optimizing inventory and financial planning—empowering you to sell smarter, not harder.